How to organize your kitchen

One of the main issues you find during your desire to keep your home clean and neat is how to organize all the small items and daily gadgets. Check out some of these ideas that you can try while you keep your style and enhance your favourite spots.


Pegs and hooks help to organize your items and keep them ready to use. They are cheap, simple aesthetics and everybody can use hang it.


Sort your items with similar characteristics using tape and markers. Even hand lettering looks nice when it is done properly. For the labels, you can choose any colour and the thicker the paper the nicer tends to seem.


The range of wheeled trolleys is huge as item collectors, helping you to keep the places decluttered. They are flexible with your needs, don´t worry about they have a different colour of your countertop or furniture sitting next to, they could be the perfect accessory for your space.


Nothing more useful to avoid small items getting lost. Besides, think of them as the framework for your daily items, trays bring light to your items and create cohesion.


Use this alternative to close the areas where you have daily items you need to store, such as kitchen, mudroom or washing room. Doors have two sides, so hanging a peg rail can be useful and discrete at the same time.


The first idea that comes to your mind when you think about organizing your items. Usually made from wood of different colours or species, also consider thickness to create effects.


Remember that feeling you have when you see all the essentials for a specific activity. Imagine your favourite wine and all the hardware to enjoy the experience and share that moment.