Prototype of concept design proposal The structure was used to divide the room as well as function as a TV entertainment furniture made of aluminum profile and sofit panels. Material selection Installation process Support profiles Isometric view drawings Bill of materials (BOM) General views Detail views


Guadalajara, January 2014 Xuni Xuni comes from the Otomi word “cook”. ¬†Product Designed by EOS Studio, manufactured by Modul Mexico and Concept developed by Masisa a Particleboard manufacturer to demonstrate the power or sinergy in the furniture industry. Tilt drawers inpired in traditional mexican houses Gourment pantry Metallic screens as per traditional local kitchens European […]


Mexico City, 2014 Olmo Trees as the Elm inspire geometric patterns and color contrasts  Contemporary Bookshelf that uses the technique of stereotomy, to produce attractive lattices. MDF Exposed edges Melamine coating Dowel joints and CNC cuts Shop drawings Assembly arrangement Mexican design award


Cardero 2018 – 2020 1575 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC Crafted to perfection Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque quis interdum dolor, quis vestibulum magna. Etiam pretium nec ipsum non pellentesque. Donec eu purus ligula. Praesent id euismod mi, nec facilisis leo. Donec nisl velit, vestibulum at interdum sed, tincidunt ut tortor. […]